Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium Joinery

Virtually all commercial buildings, apartment blocks and 75 per cent of New Zealand houses now have aluminium-framed windows. Besides their durability, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and resistance to the harsh New Zealand climate, they are also an ideal way to open up your home to natural light with expansive windows and sliding doors, thanks to the lightness and strength of aluminium.

Expansive windows

Aluminium frames have strength and lightness, making them ideal for the large expanses of glass that characterise modern and contemporary homes. The large glass panels and minimalist frames allow for maximum entry of light and unobstructed views.

Sliding doors

Large panes of glass in timber or steel frames can be heavy to move, but aluminium frames are much lighter than most materials, making them easier to slide along the rails.

Indoor-outdoor room dividers

While aluminium-clad sliding doors divide indoor and outdoor spaces, they can also create a seamlessness between rooms. This is because the thickness of such frames is often much narrower than other materials, thanks to aluminium’s strength.

Also, the colour of aluminium can either be left in its natural silvery colour, or powder-coated to blend in with the surrounding spaces’ colour palettes. Here, the light colour harmonises with the cool and calm look and feel of the house.